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BINGO Anyone?

We stuck our toes back in the water of traveling this month. We took a little trip in the travel trailer. I mentioned to Lou that the Turning Stone Casino’s campground was open for travelers within a 120 mile radius. Lou checked it out on MapQuest and we were 115...

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A Cat is not a Dog

We had dogs in our house as I was growing up. When I met my husband, Lou, he had a cat. I was a dog person so had no idea what to do with a cat. They don’t play fetch or lick your face or pee on the floor with excitement when they see you. They are just there. She...

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The Travel Bug

We definitely have the travel bug. We take every opportunity to pack up and go some place. The places we traveled to was somewhat dictated by where our timeshare had openings. Every new place we went Lou would say was his favorite place. There are three that have...

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A Bumpy Start to the New Year

The new year is starting out bumpy Starting the year, I thought I had found a new job.  The offer letter was with the HR department, but then I got a call. The position had been pulled due to the company being purchased and they did not want to add to their bottom...

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A New Year, a New Decade

As we start a new year and a new decade, I think back over not only the past year but decade. So much has happened. Louis and Loren graduated high school and then college and have started their careers. Loren is working in her field of child development and...

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