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General Software


Back in May 2018, I was searching for an online marketing software. I knew I needed one to house an email list, but what I didn’t realize was there are so many out there!

So, I searched around and tried to see what I liked and didn’t like about each one. (For example, MailChimp only has lists, but they do not allow you to segment a list by a tag. ConvertKit did, so I ultimately went with them because I loved the organization of it.

Check out my blog post to learn more: My ConvertKit Review.

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Acuity Scheduling

As I began offering different services within my business, I knew I would need a software to keep everything organized. What I didn’t realize was that I could have a system that would take payments for me and set up video chatrooms for them, too, where we can conduct the meeting!

That’s what I liked most about Acuity Scheduling. And it integrated with my finance software, QuickBooks, too, so that was also a plus.

Check out my blog post about Acuity Scheduling to learn more: My Acuity Scheduling Review.

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Over 2019, I knew that I wanted to have a live chat software on my website. So, I took a look around to see what plugins were available on

I found one that I initially liked, but I quickly began to realize that it wasn’t for me; that I wasn’t getting everything I wanted out of it.

For example:

  • In order to be able to answer messages, I had to make sure that I was on my computer or I would miss it.
  • I couldn’t leave my computer because I would always be online (the free version of the software wouldn’t let you mark yourself as offline, nor would it mark you as offline if you didn’t answer messages in a certain period of time.

One day in late 2019, I stumbled upon a friend’s website and noticed they were using a system called Chatra. I spoke to her through it and she told me why she liked the software. I realized that it was the answer to the problems that I outlined above, and more.

Chatra has a mobile app, so I don’t have to be at my computer all day in order to answer chats. (It also sends chats that I receive while I’m offline to my email so I can email people the answer.)

I also didn’t feel like I had to be tethered to my computer all day because I could answer chats on my phone. (I could start a chat on my computer and then switch to my phone, which is so convenient!

There are many other reasons I like it. Check out my blog post about Chatra to learn more!

If you’d like to try it out/ask me any questions if you are interested in it, please don’t hesitate to start a chat with me in the chat box in the lower right-hand corner of this page. I look forward to chatting with you!

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I’ve wanted to sell online courses and found a great way to do it easily; however, the way that I really got involved with Teachable was by helping clients set it up.

In helping clients set up their courses, I realized Teachable was a great way for potential course creators to get their course out to the masses.

Check out my blog post on Teachable here: My Teachable Review.

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I first found out about ConvertBox when I was on a friend’s page checking out her products. As I scrolled down the page, I noticed a popup box in the lower left-hand corner of the page. I immediately inquired what it was, and she told me it was ConvertBox, a new software she was testing out.

I asked her the difference between Chatra (which I had already started using at this point) and ConvertBox and she said that Chatra is for live chat and messages where ConvertBox is an advanced popup/form builder that allows you to show different messages, forms, etc., based on different criteria.

I immediately went over to check it out noticed that they had a lifetime account offer. (I love lifetime offers because only paying once is really nice!) So, I signed up and started putting it to work.

Check out my blog post on ConvertBox here: My ConvertBox Review.

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I bought ThriveCart in late March 2020. I wanted to be able to manage all of my products and my affiliate program in one place.

I also wanted to be able to have a program that manages sales tax (which ThriveCart does, but only on the Pro plan).

If you’d like to read my blog post about ThriveCart, you can do so here: My ThriveCart Review.

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Back when I was putting the final touches on my website, one final step remained: Putting a privacy policy and terms of use at the bottom of it.

At this time, the General Data Protection Regulation was enacted and I had to make sure my privacy policy was compliant with it.

With the plugin I had for my website, I could buy a GDPR-compliant policy and be all set, or I could find something else.

I opted to find something else.

In my quest to find the best GDPR-compliant policy, I came upon Termageddon. I love it because it’s updated automatically (where the policy bought with the plugin was a one-time fee with no updates), and I greatly enjoyed that. So, I bought it for my main website, as well as my subsequent websites.

Check out my blog post about Termageddon here: My Termageddon Review.

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Software for Authors

Publisher Rocket

If you are an author, you want to make sure you have Publisher Rocket in your arsenal of author tools!

It’s a great tool to help you figure out what categories are competitive, which are not as competitive, what keywords are potentially profitable/good fits for your book.

If you’d like to learn more about Publisher Rocket, please read my blog post here: My Publisher Rocket Review.

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In early 2020, I signed up to be the co-author on a book with a good friend of mine. As one of the bonuses for being one of the first people to sign up to be part of the project, we got a year free of his course hub, is the one-stop hub where you can sign up for membership and take the courses that you need to take. Gone are the days of signing up for a whole course when all you need is a small part of it (like how to write the draft of your book or how to market your book if you have it already written and published).

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